Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dolls house Bedroom

Here is a photo of my dollshouse bedroom. Sometimes I need to photograph a room box in order to see what is still needed to complete it.  In this case, the bedroom is nearly finished but still needs a frieze around the top of the wall just under the ceiling, two light fittings flush with the ceiling on either side of the room in front of the bed and a lazy cat lying on the rug on the blanket box.  The cat has been ordered for a couple of weeks now from USA so he is organised but I have no idea where to get a suitable frieze from - I'll have to check all the dolls house miniature suppliers for that one and the ceiling lights can be bought from any number of places.  Here is the room at the moment, please leave a comment if you have any more suggestions of what else I can do with it.

ps. I got the frieze I wanted on eBay......from a seller called Miniature Corner. They are having a clearance sale of friezes so I bought four different ones - just in case - better to be armed than sorry, hey? £1.99 each for five strips which should be ample. The one I chose for this room is this one.

The room looks rather light and bare without a frieze around the top just above the floral frame with the tiniest version of "The Lord is my Shepherd" that I reduced and printed along with the Daniel Sherrin "English Garden Cottage" picture above the bedhead.

This is the left-hand side of the room showing two framed Rose prints and the magnificent "Vicki Collection" dressing table with crystal perfume bottles, vases and a photograph. On the box that it came in,  the dressing table was described as a sideboard but I thought it looked more like a gorgeous dressing table so it is in my bedroom.  I will worry about the sideboard when I get to making my Dining-room box. Sadly the company that supplied "Vicki Collection" furniture is no longer in business. I have ordered and paid for the mirror, brush and comb setting from UK but as usual, they are taking forever to arrive. I think there is something going on with the postal service at the moment because things which used to arrive in about ten days are now taking up to a month! I made the ivory lacy crochet rug while watching television last week and the petite point rug on 25 holes per inch canvas was finished this morning.  I have to admit that I thought I would never get to the end of it.

This is the right-hand side of the bedroom. It has a wardrobe, mirror stand with a cardboard hat-box on the drawer and a corner unit with a candle and one of "those" things for under the bed.  In Australia we always referred to one as a "potty" but my mother-in-law in England calls it a "gozunder" because it "goes under" the bed.

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