Sunday, November 25, 2012

STUFF that was LOST is now FOUND

When I started actually decorating the first of my room boxes I thought that I had all of my dollshouse furniture and accessories together including stuff from 25 years ago.  However once I started on the second box which is the bedroom I remember that "once upon a time" I had an unmade Chrysnbon dressing table set which I no longer had. Gradually I began to remember things like four wooden soldiers, two fires in grates to go in fireplaces that glowed when plugged in, a dress-makers dummy and sewing tools and a pile of pleated ribbons for making dolls' clothes...........all gone.  It was heart-breaking and I felt quite depressed for days while I turned the house and the studio upside-down looking for where I may have put them.  My husband reckoned that it would be a Red Letter Day if I ever found them again.

Well, yesterday was my Red Letter Day when I got down a large plastic container of knitting wool from the top shelf in the back bedroom to get some baby wool to crochet the dollshouse Baby an outfit.  Right at the back of the container and hidden under and behind the wool was a plastic lunch box containing ALL THIS STUFF - some of which I swear I have never seen before because it was so long ago. I put it all out on a shelf in the doll cabinet because it was just too much to take in at first, I was a kid on Christmas Day. Now the dressing table set that I bought from UK on eBay will arrive just when I have found my original one........better two sets than none though.  That complete porcelain dinner service for four plus all those extra bits was brand new as far as I was concerned but I must have bought it when we were in England a few years ago - and that cutlery set for eight which is missing a knife and a fork I swear I have never seen before. I must have - I'm the one who packed it in the lunch box many years ago. Talk about senior moment - very scary!!

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  1. Now that is downright scary tinnie winnie stuff! BUT you do sound like you are having a ball!!! ENJOY!