Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kitchen Room Box Finished

Today I put the finishing touches to my first room box, the Kitchen.  Complete with the cook busy making a cake and the family dog warming himself by the stove. However, I still have plenty of shelves that still need filling, room left on the Welsh dresser for more blue and white china and hooks that need things to hang on them.  Later on I am planning to make a Utility room which will include a larder so all the food stuff on the pine shelves behind the cook will be moved into that room and that will give me even more room for ceramic pie dishes and casserole dishes. Each of the tiny glass jars were emptied of their "fake" contents and were refilled with actual powdered herbs and spices. I think that the colours are more authentic now.

The next view is the left hand side of the room box showing the stove and the wall shelves which were made from scraps of wood and beading.  Later as I get more pots and pans I will fill the wider bottom shelf and the narrower top shelf is purely for a growing jelly mould collection. My husband is concerned that the dog doesn't have a bowl, so I guess that is next.
The right hand side view shows the hanging rack above the sink and also a Welsh dresser which will hold a collection of blue and white china once I have managed to get hold of more pieces.  Hopefully when this room is completely finished every drawer and cupboard will be full of tea-towels, cutlery, dish cloths and small kitchen utensils.
and finally, here the kitchen room box in my own kitchen with my husband in the background to show the size of the room.


  1. I just am floored with the scaled down size of the items you are finding for these boxes. It's so realistic looking and then seeing your husband in the background sure shows the "miniature" of it!. You are GOOD girl!!!

  2. Hi Vivienne,love the kitchen! Miniregards from Spain.

    1. Hi Sonia,
      Thank you so much for the comment on my mini-kitchen. I love seeing all the visitors to my blog from all over the world.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Wilhelmina. I am glad you like the kitchen. My 36 yr old daughter has just seen it for the first time and was thrilled to remember some of the saucepans and the kettle and stove which I bought when she was a little girl.

  4.'s much bigger than i originally thought, and so very well done!! you did a wonderful job!!