Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Soft Toys for the Toyroom

I wanted lots of toys in the children's room of my dolls house and after I had bought most of the toys available with various miniature supplers, I still needed more. I found a book published about thirty years ago on making toys which had lots of lovely patterns in so I scanned the book, reduced the patterns to 1/12th size and printed them out.  Some of the pattern pieces were overlaid with one another so I needed to print out multiple copies so that I could cut out each individual pattern piece.  I cut the pieces out of very thin felt and then carefully over-sewed them together, following the instructions in the book and using tiny bits of stuffing to fill them.  When I do the baby dolls' nursery, I will use the same technique again for baby toys.
Here is a photo of the soft toys that I have made so far.....the Teddy was included in the previous post on 1/12th scale toys.

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  1. You are one exquisite stitcher paying attention to the fine details!