Saturday, January 5, 2013

Children's Room Finished

I have finished the children's room apart from the bedspread on the boy's bed.  I have tried knitting a plain blue one (rejected), crocheting a red,white,blue,yellow one (rejected), crocheting a plain cream one (rejected) - none of them look right.  Something will turn up, a knitting or crochet pattern or some fabric and it will be perfect.

In the meantime, all the toys are finished including a home made spinning top from two buttons, a bead and a broken mini drill bit; a counting frame made from scrap wood, wire and beads; a bucket and spade made from from a thimble and a toothpick and a pull-along duckling made from play-dough.

These kids are thoroughly spoilt with a toy-box each full to overflowing, toys on the floor and toys on the shelves around the walls.

This is the girls half.  She has a pretty pink/white/mauve striped crocheted bedspread and  a frilled valance.  Her toys include a bucket and spade, pull-along duckling, clown doll, Amish doll, spinning top, counting frame, miniature metal tea-set, rabbit, clown and blocks.

This is the boy's half.  His toys include the Golly, teddy, drum, toy soldiers, yacht, three miniature horses, a vintage toy train, box of tiny shells, kite and another teddybear.


  1. OK you are blowing my mind with this miniature stuff. WHERE or HOW do you come up with so real like accessories etc? Just wonderful and I can't wait to see the WHOLE HOUSE completed.

  2. Hi Rose Anne, Well the boys bed was made from four staircase bannisters and some scrap balsa wood, the blackboard easel was originally two commercial slates which I glued together with scrap strips of wood, toys as you know are mostly home-made and the doll's house was a white/green plastic thing bought for 50c at a garage sale which has been painted.

  3. Hi Vivienne, This is amazing! I am looking for some miniature rooms exactly like this to rent for a project I am working on. I would love to tell you more about it to see if you would be interested. My email is
    or perhaps you would have some advice of where to find people who do this kind of thing?
    all the best

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