Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dolls house Drawing Room Box

This morning I finished the Drawing Room/Living Room/Lounge Room box and it has really thrown me because it is much "posher" than I originally visuallized.  I think it is the French Provincial wallpaper that started it and a wooden fire place surround that a friend gave me that finished it off. The fireplace was in two pieces with a piece of quarter-round missing from under the mantelpiece and a piece of cornice missing from the top edge and it was painted plain white. The missing bit of quarter-round was replaced with a tiny piece of satay stick shaped to fit and the piece of missing cornice at the top was replaced by a little section of picture framing sanded and mitred to fit. I painted it with three coats of "Antique White" acrylic paint then used some gold coloured stick paint to brush onto the carvings and the frames on the top half with my finger. The paint looked pretty smudgy inside the frames so I used scraps of patterned wallpaper for the side panels and a piece of the plain wallpaper for the large central frame.  We had a bit of a catastrophe with the mirror though because we didn't wait long enough for the glue to set before putting the back and sides together with the ceiling and floor.  The mirror slewed sideways so this morning I was prodding and lifting with the blade of a Stanley knife to lift it from the wall.  The frame came off then I could lift the glass mirror from the backing paper.......whew........then I had to scrape all the lumps and bumps from the wallpaper and peel off as much as I could.  Finally, a new square of wallpaper glued to the wall, then the glass and then the frame before leaving the box on it's side for hours until I was sure that the mirror was stuck fast and straight!!
Scary but it is OK now, I can relax.

But, the furniture that I planned to put in the room box doesn't work anymore.........I have kits to make for comfortable sofas whereas now I think the room needs more fancy, gold, French-type furniture.  I always reckon that each room-box develops it's own personality and this one really galloped away without me!!! I can see that I am going to have to spend some extra money on this room.........a chandelier will look good too and a large picture in a gilt frame in the large open space of wallpaper on the back wall. I had no idea that the room would turn out this well, I have been left behind by my own Drawing room box.  Please disregard the tiny flecks of wood still on the carpet which are left over from when my husband drilled a hole in the wall for the plug from the "light-up" coal fire in the grate to go through. They will be cleaned up ASAP and the top raw edge of the box will be covered with a strip of the plain cream wallpaper. The sides of the box look as if they are curving inwards, believe me, they are straight - it is an optical illusion!!


  1. WOW elegant for sure!!! Will be interesting to see what you decide on for furniture etc.

  2. Thanks Rose Anne. I wasted hours yesterday trying to find a suitable painting to stick on the back wall. I couldn't decide on a landscape, Paris street scene, flowers, sea-scape - I still don't know.