Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Toys for theDollshouse Nursery

The next room box that I am working on is the childrens' room or nursery.  I haven't got room for a girl, a boy plus a baby so the baby will have to go in with the nanny when I make her single bedroom because I want the girl Louise and the boy Michael to have lots and lots of toys. I was always of the mentality that everything for my dolls house had to commercial, bought on eBay or from one of the dolls house suppliers but since joining "WEECREATIONS" which is an on-line group for dolls house enthusiasts, I have found out that it is so much fun to MAKE YOUR OWN.........  While I agree that pieces of furniture and brass and glass and molded items will always have to be bought, I have been having a great time thinking of what toys Victorian children would have played with and then I have set about making them myself.

My list for Michael included a sailing boat, a kite, a Jack-in-the-Box, some animals for a farm or for Noah's Ark, paints with brushes and sketch book, a hoop, a teddy bear and a ball.  For Louise I think that she would have had a skipping rope, a doll on a stick from the fairground, lots of dolls, books, paper dolls, scrap book and scraps, a tea set and a blackboard and chalk.

Here are my first attempts at toy making.  I had a lot of trouble getting the wedges on the beach ball even and I think I will still cover the point where they meet with a coloured circle.  The ball started life as the roll-on ball in a small size roll-on deodorant which was 1 inch in diametre and a perfect size for 1/12 scale. The Jack-in-the-box was make from six pieces of wood which were 1/2 inch square, a wooden bead, some beading wire twisted around a satay stick to make a spring and lots of paint and pictures. I stitched the teddy yesterday morning while sitting in bed.........it is made of felt and took me four hours (I didn't get out of bed until ten o'clock!!)  I dressed the doll on the stick with some 1950s tinsel ribbon which I inherited from my aunt and it looks quite authentic.

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