Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bookcase Drawers Full

When it is over +40 degrees celsius outside in the shade, all we can do is stay inside with the air-conditioner blowing and try to keep cool.  So I spent an hour this afternoon filling the drawers of my new bookcase......I mean to say, a Victorian gentleman would not have kept his bookcase drawers empty for very long.  He would have had collections of pinned Butterflies (yuk!!), pinned bugs (even more yuk!!), old maps and sketches, shells, birds eggs to go with the stuffed birds........all the things that really turn me right off these days.
Anyway, my man has gone for shells, butterflies and old maps.  Here are the photos from my afternoons work.

When I showed my husband, the first thing he said was "But who is going to see them?"  Well, no-one probably but I know that the drawers are full and that's all that matters. The shells were from a necklace which I bought in the local charity shop and the butterflies were cut from the internet, wings folded upwards and only the bodies glued to the backing paper.  This will go in the study which is very nearly finished.

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  1. I think it matters too and they look wonderful.