Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finished Study/Office/Bloke's Den

I am so excited because I have finished the Study and it has turned out totally different to what was in my head when I started.  Firstly, instead of being a formal study for a businessman or lawyer or doctor, it has turned into a cosy den for not one man, but two or even three.

My sister gave me a desk with a lift-down front that becomes the writing desk and I bought a roll-top desk and chair.  The desk that I bought on ebay (from a lady who lives only about ten miles from me, I couldn't believe my luck!) came with a matching swivel chair, filing cabinet and globe in a frame. I included both desks, maybe for a father and son team or maybe for the head of the family and his father-in-law who lives with the family? or maybe for the father and son with Grandad sitting in front of the fire in his rocking chair.

I made Grandad's crocheted knee-rug last night in two colours of Gumnut Yarns wool. Although I used two colours which in real life match because the turquoise is variegated with blue and the blue is variegated with the turquoise, the photos only show the distinct turquoise colour and the blue colour which even to me would  normally be a very odd choice.

There are lots of personal touches to this room such as the filing cabinet full of tiny Manila folders, the bookcase drawers full of the butterflies and shells from my previous post, a tiny copy of "The West Australian" newspaper from 1979 and the book on the table is full of tiny photos.  On the wall is a family tree chart with actual photos of my own ancestors.

Above the fireplace is an image of a man's portrait painted by the famous Cornish portrait painter John Opie.  My maiden name was Opie and my family all come from Cornwall and while I have no direct link to John Opie because he and his wife had no children, he is probably a very distant indirect relation. I have ordered a fire in a grate for the fireplace plus a miniature sailing ship and a miniature ship's wheel clock for the mantlepiece from England so I will have to be patient while I wait for those to arrive.

All in all, the study, just like the other rooms developed a personality of it's own and pretty much told me what it needed. So instead of that posh (note the gold and burgundy wallpaper) study with a large partner's desk in the centre I have somewhere for the men of the house to escape to when they want some time out from the rest of the family.........although Grandad's violin playing might drive them back out again, LOL.

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