Saturday, April 20, 2013

Winter Bride

I have just finished this doll who is dressed as a Winter bride.  She started out just wearing a cream "Walking Dress" but the dress got prettier and prettier so at some stage, it turned into a wedding dress, or rather, a wedding skirt and jacket.  Underneath, she is wearing long pantaloons, a straight basic petticoat, a full frilled petticoat then the skirt and the jacket.  Her veil is very delicate, being made from net that is about the same vintage as the bride is supposed to be, ie. 1890-1900. This doll started out as the one second from right in my collection of broken and damaged dolls. Her hip and thigh have been mended with air-drying clay so from the outside at least, she looks as good as new.  Her dress is made from a Ladies pyjama top which I bought for $5 at St Vinnies Charity shop and the roses are rolled ribbon roses made from 3mm variegated apricot silk ribbon.
Winter bride, showing skirt with apron and jacket top with collar and fitted cuffs.

Side view of dress, showing all the froth and bubble of the skirt in comparison to the
plain and austere jacket top.

Rear view of bride with the veil lifted up over her head.


  1. Very beautiful work. It always makes me envious and is way beyond my abilities. Congratulations.

  2. Thanks Jane and Joy, also Wendy, Belinda, Maureen, Lou Ann and Linda for your emails. Maureen, you are right, I might just have to cut out a couple of dresses to sew while I am on holidays. I am addicted, LOL.

  3. Viv, your dolls are to die for, I love them, my mum and sister would enter their dolls in Show's near were they live. I think my sister now just has them around the house, she's lost her spark since mum passed away 15 years ago.

    Congratulations, your work is lovely.

    Pity your not closer, I'm sure they'd get first prize up here.


  4. Your bride is so wonderful. Your designs and stitching is fantastic