Saturday, August 17, 2013

1/12 scale Hats

I have made these hats from mini-hat straw which I bought in UK. This is the first few as I have made several more "blank" hats which still need to be decorated with ribbons, flowers and feathers. Most of my inspiration comes from illustrations from Edwardian clothing catalogues and fashion plates - I love those huge, overly-embellished hats from that period.  I think my favourite hat among this lot is the black one with two tiny real Peacock feathers on the sides and also the one with the red feather and the binding and flowers made from red and turquoise silk fabric. The outfit that will go with this one will be a matching checked skirt and a black silk jacket trimmed with tiny red braid.


  1. Welcome back home,
    Your hats are so adorable ! These would be my taste also.LOVE the Victorian and Edwardian Era.Well done,

  2. Vivas with everything you do lovely ne these are absolutely beautiful!!! So tiny and so perfect you are amazing, wishing you both much love and hugs always Bear xoxoxoxoxo

  3. These are so sweet and elegant I can not image how you do them so tiny! WOW!

  4. Beautiful hats, your sure have a way with minis.